Helping People Find their Way

All people have similar hopes and dreams and working helps us achieve them. 43 North Iowa is working to change patterns of dependency to self-support.

Affordables is a division of 43 North Iowa and currently trains over 40 people with disabilities in a retail setting.  The donations that Affordables receives provides job skill training in a retail setting. Job seekers at our locations learn important work skills such as; cashiering, displaying merchandise, and customer services to name a few.

In a unique partnership with the Mason City Public Library, NIVC is operating the coffee shop in the Library Commons, Java Works, provides a service not only to those who drink the coffee but to those who prepare it.

Careers at 43 North Iowa

Are you looking for a rewarding career helping individuals obtain their vocational goals? 43 North Iowa was recognized as one of the Top Work Places in Iowa for 2017 and 2018.

Ways You Can Help

We would greatly appreciate any help you could give to these individuals.  We are all more alike than different. People with disabilities have the same hopes and dreams as the rest of us.  We are serving a very vulnerable population and it makes our community stronger if we can give them the support they need to begin their road to recovery.