About Us

Who We Are

It is our great pleasure to share our 2019 Community Report with you, our friends, partners and stakeholders. 2019 marks many significant milestones in the life of our organization.

Two years ago, NIVC Services and the North Iowa Transition Center (NITC) announced a strategic alliance. This year, as we proudly celebrate 50 years of employment services and 40 years of transitional living services, we are announcing our formal merger with a new brand. We’re no longer just helping people work, we are helping people find their way. Drum roll please…….

Our consolidation allows us to leverage administrative efficiencies, diversify services and combine resources to ensure sustainability. But more importantly, it allows us to offer the individuals we serve a life of purpose, a safe place to call home and the opportunity to create meaningful relationships. Just like the rest of us, they want and deserve a life that gives them happiness, freedom and fulfillment.

Lots of things are changing, but our commitment to the individuals and families we serve, our appreciation to our business and services partners, our customers and generous contributors will never change. Enjoy the success stories within this report, but remember they are just examples of real life hopes and dreams that are coming true every day throughout north Iowa with your help.

Thank you!

Our Mission

Helping people find their way through home, employment and community experiences.

Our Vision

We are committed to building an inclusive community where north Iowans with disabilities establish gainful and meaningful community involvement through employment, community engagement, and participation.


  • 445 north Iowans received transitional living and employment
  • 20,234 Hours Supporting people with disabilities in employment and community engagement
  • 114 New Job Placements
  • $1,650,000 in Supported Employment Earnings
  • 5,540 days of residential support
  • 7,652 Home Visits
  • 92 Nights of Crisis Stabilization Services
  • 98 youth received Transition Services to help successfully move from school to adult life
  • 190,306 Pallets, Crates and Stringers Manufactured in the Woodshop for Curries, VT Industries and Masonite
  • 126,562 Packages Assembled for Sukup Manufacturing
  • 202,219 Donated Items were Sold at Affordables and Affordables on 1st
  • Iowa Top Workplace designation for the 5th year in a row
  • 98 Employees